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Community Based Crime Reduction


The ONSE Community Based Crime Reduction (CBCR) Program is a grant-funded program made possible through the District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants and the Bureau of Justice Administration.

The CBCR brings together local partners including government and community stakeholders, researchers and residents to analyze the mitigating factors that drive crime and pursue strategies that reduce crime, spur revitalization and build community resilience. We look at these trends that drive crime and violence to develop strategies for programming and service delivery to help support the community.

ONSE’s work under this grant is place-based and is guided by the national CBCR model, which aims to reduce crime, improve prosocial behaviors, and increase trauma-informed care through improved health and wellness outcomes that incorporate a public health approach to violence reduction. Nationally, CBCR has invested in 74 urban and rural sites since 2012.

The ONSE CBCR Program has been assigned to serve two District neighborhoods - Buena Vista Terrace and Woodland Terrace. These communities were selected based on crime data and statistics.


These powerful themes run through all CBCR efforts:

  • Data-Driven: CBCR targets crime hot spots–often streets, properties or public spaces in communities that have struggled with crime for years. Researchers are engaged in day-to-day work, helping partners examine problems, assess evidence-based solutions and monitor progress.
  • Community-Oriented: CBCR champions active roles for residents in identifying problems, selecting strategies and creating safe and healthy environments.
  • Spurs Revitalization: CBCR tackles problem properties, unsafe streets and parks, unemployment, transit barriers and service gaps related to crime.
  • Builds Partnerships: CBCR taps the resources of public, nonprofit and community leaders to bring more resources and different approaches to bear on long standing crime challenges for lasting change
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